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The Lahore School of Economics 2014-2018
Aims & Scope
The Lahore Journal of Policy Studies is a refereed biannual journal. The journal has a broad scope. It will cover national, regional and international political, economic, social and cultural issues of immediate relevance to public policy. It aims to be a forum for significant new ideas and seeks to challenge thinkers and intellectuals to policy debate. It is neither a journalistic magazine nor a technical one. It is rather a scholarly journal containing provocative, thoughtful, but well-researched writings with an educated and discerning readership in mind. It seeks originality and vigour of argument. The selection of papers will be based on topicality, originality and clarity, the extent to which they advance knowledge, understanding and application and their likely contribution towards inspiring further development, research and debate. We consider promotion of discussion and debate as the most important mandate of a policy research journal. We welcome serious comments and rejoinders as short article for publication. We promise a wide dissemination specifically in Pakistan but generally in the region. It is therefore a journal for academics who have something to say and to convey or to contend in the social, economic or the political fields.
The Lahore Journal of Policy Studies is hosted by the Lahore School of Economics, Lahore.