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The Lahore School of Economics 2014-2018
Submission Guidelines
Manuscripts, in English only, should be sent online to ljps@lahoreschool.edu.pk. Article length could range between 4000 to 12000 words. Book reviews may range between 2000 to 3000 words. Comments on previously published material of the Journal will be welcome, but should not exceed 4000 words. The first page of the manuscript should have the title of the paper, the name(s) of author(s) and a footnote giving the current affiliation of the author(s). Authors are requested to use English spellings and not American. Tables for the main text and each of its appendices should be numbered serially and separately. The source of the data in a table should be given in a footnote immediately below the table. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively. All references used in the text should be listed in alphabetical order of the authors’ surnames at the end of the text. References in the text should include the surname(s) up to 2 and the first author’s surname and et al., when more than 2 authors are involved, with the year of publication, in parenthesis. LJPS is a journal of ideas and referencing is required mainly for clarifying sources and suggesting parenthetical and tangential ideas and may be, for quantitative figures. The intention should be not to amass unnecessary bibliographic information.